September 21, 2019 FISCO License Day
September 21, 2019 FISCO License Day

September 21, 2019 FISCO License Day


A truly life changing experience and escape from everyday life. Driving on a circuit is a privilege and we are fortunate to be close enough to access Fuji Speedway on a regular basis and it's more affordable than people think - 42,000 yen per year for your license and 6,500 yen per 30 minute track session thereafter.

In order to participate in a track day on Fuji Speedway's Main Circuit, you must be a FISCO license holder. Tokyo Supercars can facilitate and help you to get your FISCO license. In order to obtain the FISCO license, you must fill out an application form and go through a 2-hour lecture course. On September 21 (Saturday), we will be organizing a day on which you will be able to join us and get your FISCO license. Tokyo Supercars will provide staff to assist and interpret the Japanese-only lecture and documents. After the lecture, we will be heading over to Excape Entertainment to practice the Fuji Speedway circuit in virtual reality.

If you join us for your FISCO license, you can join us on September 27th when we go to Fuji Speedway to actually drive around the circuit!

Date and time:
September 21, 2019
15:00 ~ 17:00

WeWork Roppongi
ARK Hills South Tower, 1 Chome-4-5 Roppongi, Minato City
Tokyo 106-0032
Please bring:
Your valid driver's license / International Driver's Permit
Photo (Size 3×2.5cm)
FISCO License Fee - ¥42,700
Seminar Fee - ¥2,500 (includes tax)